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Today could be the last time you wonder
"How Do I Get My Baby To Sleep?"
  •  Simple and easy to follow steps
  •  Have your baby fall asleep quickly and easily
  •  Wake up feeling energized and refreshed
  •  Enjoy some "me" time
  •  Have a healthy, happy baby
  •  Be the envy of all your "mommy" friends

What Tired Parents Are Saying...

Dr. Sharne says.....  Working with Shan twice in one year saved our family. My first born, Lisa only started to sleep through the night 2 weeks before her baby sister was born. Soon after Lana came home Lisa's sleeping fell apart. Between nursing Lana every 2 hours and my husband sleeping on the floor next to our toddler we did not see any light at the end of the tunnel. We then worked with Shan to help Lisa get a good night's rest. Once we got going with her plan step by step it was not long before Lisa caught on to her new routine and comforts and was able to sleep without one of us present in her room. I secretly hoped Lana would drop her night nursing as she got older and transition smoothly into a good night's sleep. Sadly my hopes were shattered when by 6 months she was still nursing every 2 hours at night and had to nurse during the day as well to fall asleep. This routine not only left me exhausted but my family without a functioning mom and wife. I knew I had to get Shan's help to get us on the right track. I was very anxious to commence with her plan as being so tired completely weakened my resistance to just give in and fall into old habits. Shan pulled us through a very difficult time with her compassion and professionalism. Today both my daughters are able to sleep well and I have slept a full night for the first time in 2 and a half years. Thank you SO much Shan!!!! We can not thank you enough!!!

Paediatric Sleep Consultant- Shan Roth
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